Debt Purchasing

Newvest Recoveries is active within the regional  Debt Purchasing space having successfully completed portfolio acquisitions in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur over the last 2 years.

We aim to be the industry leader regionally in this area of consumer unsecured Debt Purchasing in Malaysia and within the region.

Newvest Recoveries will purchase your debt, upon satisfactory due diligence, returning the money to your company immediately, and leaving you free of worry.

Our extensive collection operations resources will allow these debts to be worked on in house and not simply outsourced randomly. This ensures protection of Debt Seller’s brand, image and reputation as Newvest Recoveries will apply our same professional compliance based recovery processes on all portfolios acquired.

Debt purchasing offers many benefits, with the overriding benefits to creditors:

Removal of bad debts from a balance sheet
Improved cash flow
Improved accuracy in cash flow projections
Reduction of time and expense in the collection process
Elimination of the risk of paying significant lawyers’ fees without assurance of success

We are specialist debt buyers and will consider the purchase of any debt that we are approached to purchase directly or invited to participate in a bidding exercise.